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Access Programming Tips and Tools


Access 2010 Runtime Bugs

By: Meir Rotfleisch
As we all know that in their wizdom Microsoft gave us a solution to when we want to install our Access project on a computer that doesn't have an Access License in the way of "Access Runtime Version".
When Office 2010 was first released there was no Access 2010 Runtime however since then the Access 2010 Runtime has been released.
So of course time arrived when I needed to use the Access 2010 Runtime for a new project I was about to release. The process is quite simple just install the Access 2010 Runtime and place your Access Database on the computer.
Well all seemed to work perfectly. I then created a "compiled version" of the Access 2010 Database (gives us programmers a bit of security that our hard work at coding won't be stollen by competitors!).
I installed the Access Runtime on my test computer along with the accde Access 2010 application and of course it crashed inside the Autoexecute macro.. hmmmm
Soooo... back to the original code accdb runs fine no reason apparent for the crash. So a few hours of later hair pulling (which i don't have much of anymore anyways!) and google searching I find a small article stating that Access 2010 Runtime has a bug when a Macro uses the "RunCode" but Access 2010 Runtime SP1 solves that problem!
Well not a problem right.. Just download the Access 2010 Runtime SP1 file and install it. Great not a major problem for us programmers to do 2 installs before the Access 2010 Application will work on our clients computer.
However what i'm trying to create is an "off the shelf" project that is automatically installed for my clients. I don't want to have to start explaining to them all the ins and outs of Access 2010 Runtime.
So after another few hours of google searching I gave up trying to find an Access 2010 Runtime install that also has the SP1 installed.
To save my fellow programmers the headaches I created a One Stop Access 2010 Runtime Install. This not only installs the Access 2010 Runtime and the Access 2010 Runtime SP1 but also checks if the OS that your installing on is 32Bit or 64Bit (because of course the Access 2010 Runtime and Access 2010 Runtime SP1 are different for each platform)

Hope this helps.

Download Access 2010 Runtime Installer

Access Code to Send File to FTP Site

By: Meir Rotfleisch
After extensive searching I finally managed to find this code. I wrapped it in an Access Application with a simple MyFTP module that takes a filename and uploads it to your server
Hope it helps someone out there
Download FTP Code Modules

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