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Laughter Therapy

Why laugh ? And how will it help you ? Here are just three reasons to laugh.... and keep laughing:
  •         *It strengthens your immune system.
  •         *It makes your cheeks sore.
  •         *It actually increases your intellectual performance and boosts information retention.

With that in mind here are some of my favorite Comedy Clips

So you want to buy a new computer?

So you decided to build it yourself?? a few tips here!

Don't forget the right version of software?

Information Information and More Information...

So you like sports ?

Golf .. What a sport

Do they really know how to play?

Special for Basketball lovers

Cheerleaders ??

Just Plain Funny!

Well Not everything goes as planned

And you thought your day was bad ??

Check this out

Things are never as they appear !!!

PG for these please !!

Multi Purpose Phone

XP ?? Adult Software

Nothing like a relaxing Sauna ?

I will continue adding to this list so come back when you have some free time.

Lacking in Free Time to really enjoy yourself ?..
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